The Hype Bros def The Colons

The Hype Bros were extremely over with the crowd and looked good in their return match after 6 months of Ryder being out.

The Colons got a lot of offense in probably due to this being a kickoff match can and needing to fill time. Most of their time was spent working on Ryder’s surgically repaired knee.

Rawley is improving and with his size probably is going to be in line for a big singles push in the near future.

Ryder still throws one of the best drop kicks in the business. The height and crispness is flawless.

Carmella wins Women’s Money in the Bank with assist from James Ellsworth

And then @jamesellsworthwrestling ruined it all. #mitb

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People are complaining about the ending on this one and how it takes away from the women having usung Ellsworth to grab the briefcase. Guess what? Heels cheat and weasels interfere. While not a satisfying ending, the bigger problem was they ended this one way too early to tell a proper story and that’s what people should be upset about. It had some nice spots and Tamina had a chance to showcase some nice monster work but overall before the finish this felt incomplete.

New Day def The Usos (c) via DQ

In what was expected to just be the first chapter of this rivalry these teams had great chemistry and showed that future matchups should get even better.

Big E deserves a single run but where do you go with Xavier and Kofi if they broke up?

The Usos athleticism as bigger guys never ceases to amaze me. It’s amazing how much better they appear in this current heel run. They are in sync and always finding new ways to work together on moves and tricks ala The Revival.

Lana vs Naomi (c)

This was the least championship feeling championship match I have witnessed.

Lana was impressive showing some athleticism but her strikes were awkward, she was slow and unsure in taking bumps and her shrieking throughout the match was distracting.

Lana before the awkward face turn was one of better talkers in the company as the cold brooding taskmaster to Rusev. Did she beg management to turn into a wrestler or vise versa? With Rusev set to return we will see pretty quickly whether or not long term this was a good choice because it will be tough for her to go back now that she is suddenly a ballroom dancer.

Naomi seems more comfortable on segments of Talking Smack than in ring promos. With some improvement on in ring talking she would feel more like a true main event champion.

…two things she must change though is that awful FTG finisher and finally put to pasture the Rear View.

Mike and Maria Bennett errrr Kanellis debut

Corny, cringeworthy and spectacular. If this was purposely bad Mike and Maria will be perfect on Tuesdays and can fill the place and Miz and Maryse. When Maria stating doing her First Lady of wrestling line I thought she was going to refer to Bennett nay Kanellis!

Jinder Mahal (c) def Randy Orton

Hard hitting was the theme of this match. Both guys looked strong here and this was arguably Jinder’s best match of his career. Still though he wrestles a very slow, plodding style that doesn’t excite much.

Randy has zero regard for the safety of the Singh Brothers. Zero.

What was the point in bringing out the legends other than Bob Orton. We would have believed Randy’s father would be in attendance for his championship match without a random collection of legends alongside to wave to the audience.

It is very hard to ever buy that Randy is a face. Nothing about him, his character, his actions is that of a good guy. And that’s not including burning down a mans house and desecrating a burial site for no apparent reason.

Fashion Police def The Ascenion

I assumed the fashion police were going to get on this card but the Ascenion?!? It is staggering how WWE can mishandle so many top NXT talents that American Alpha can’t even sniff tv time at this point.

Baron Corbin wins Men’s Money in the Bank 

High spots, twisted metal and several narrowly missed career ending injuries es the way as everyone got to shine in this one. Nothing more needs to be said. This match was fantastic and the right person won.